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For any FedEx pilot, flying an aircraft from Point A to Point B can start to feel routine. By the time they retire and take their final flight, they will have taken off and landed a plane thousands of times. And yet, on that last leg, just as in their very first leg out of IOE, a good pilot is attentive to the flight plan to help ensure its success. From checking the aircraft in pre-flight, to following the pre-determined route, using an intentional process is the key to getting to the destination. When there are unexpected difficulties, or even emergencies that need immediate action, they don’t make it up as they go along. They call on years of practice and experience executing proven emergency procedures to mitigate the danger and get home safely, something that the autopilot can’t do.

We believe that financial planning should be the same. Life already has its twists and turns. When you add in market volatility, tax inefficiency, and large scale changes in the compensation, benefits, and retirement package from one contract to the next, dealing with the ever-changing landscape can present plenty of uncertainty in the financial life of a FedEx pilot. Our FlightPlan℠ process is a tailored planning experience for FedEx pilots designed to take the guesswork out of dealing with uncertainty. We know that paying attention to the small details makes a big difference in the outcome. We do that by helping our clients adopt a comprehensive, ongoing process. When the unexpected happens, the FlightPlan℠ will help them weather the storms and emerge stronger than ever, helping to ensure they to get to their destination on time, and safely.

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