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Own Your Business.  And It's Future.

Business Planning


If any financial advisor gives the advice to concentrate most your wealth into one micro-cap stock, run – do not walk – run as quickly as possible the other way. It sounds crazy put that way, but many business owners face this situation. They work hard for years to build a successful business, only to find themselves in a concentrated position that could be hard to sell at the right time, for the right price. Perhaps they want to keep the business in the family, but don’t know how to do that while also getting full value for their years of work.

When a business owner views her business like a stock in her portfolio, she begins to think differently about how to treat it. She may already be naturally inclined to nurture its growth, but it becomes more important to protect her progress along the way. She may have to create a market for selling her shares, or finance the purchase for the future buyer. She may not want to sell at all and bequeath the business to her family, but she knows there will be a day when she wants to scale back her time or retire completely.

These stories are often complex, uncertain, and ever changing. A dedicated planning process helps give our clients the confidence to grow their business to its full potential, because they know they are diligently preparing for their financial future.


Building a business can be a challenging experience. Many business owners put their blood, sweat and tears into an idea, perhaps multiple ideas, before they find enough traction to build a successful business. For our clients, there is a lot about their business that they can control. But they know that there are plenty of things that they cannot control that can have a big impact on the health of their business. Our process helps our clients identify the major things that can go wrong, and build a contingency plan to account for them, so that they can afford the luxury of focusing on things that can go right.


Many businesses have a core group of employees that are essential to the continued growth and success of the company. Attracting these types of employees is the first step, but in an increasingly competitive world, it is important to keep them from leaving for a better offer. A well-designed executive compensation plan can be attractive for both the employer and the key employee. As part of our planning process, we help our clients proactively create an environment in which their top executives feel properly rewarded for their efforts, while being incentivized to stay with the company for the long run.


Great employees are an important part of the success of any business. Having a sound benefits structure will help make them feel secure and appreciated. When they have a firm foundation to build on toward their own financial security, it will help them reduce financial stress and drive them to do their best work for the team. We help our clients create a cost-effective benefit plan that shows that they care about their employee’s futures as much as their own.

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